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In Case You Missed It: More Enhancements to LinkedIn Company Pages

Social media is an ever evolving medium, we’ve seen that with changes to LinkedIn and Twitter over the past few months. Even more changes have been made to LinkedIn company pages recently – in case you missed it, here are some ways you can enhance your company’s presence on the country’s 12th most popular website (Source: Alexa).

Featured Updates

As you likely know, you can post updates (with up to 600 characters) to your company page. Now, you can choose which update shows at the top of the Recent Updates section – even if newer updates are posted afterwards, the update you feature will still remain at the top, right under the image. To feature an update, just share your update as you normally would, then click on “Feature this update” under the update.

When it’s time to feature a different update, just click “Feature this update” under the update you want to feature and the other update will automatically move down.

Premium Career Pages

With millions of professionals using LinkedIn, often to find and research new employment opportunities, it’s important that your company’s presence on LinkedIn really shows potential employees what you have to offer. These pages allow you to:

  • Add an image to showcase your employment brand
  • Show visitors company employees already in their network
  • Add narrative to describe your company to potential employees
  • Add employee testimonials
  • Personalize job recommendations for each visitor
  • Offer insight into your company’s “DNA”

Click here to see Louis Vitton’s Career Page.

Enhanced Product/Service Section

While the option to describe your products &/or services in details has been around for a while, some new options to customize this section and these pages are worth looking into. (Or, click here for more information on how you can customize these pages.)

  • Multiple variations: You can now create different versions of this section – the version visitors would see would be based on their profile content.
  • Company description: You can now add a description of your company’s products and services that will show at the top of the Products/Services page.
  • Multiple company images, with click-throughs: You can add up to three images and add URL’s to drive traffic to your website. These images will automatically create a rotating banner that displays atop your Products/Services page.
  • Prioritize order of product/service listings: The order in which your products &/or services are listed can now be controlled, and very easily. The first 10 products/services listed will show on the home page and the product/service that is at the top of the list will also show on your company’s home page.

Have questions about updating your company’s LinkedIn presence? Post a comment below or contact our Cleveland Social Media Agency at 440-449-6800. Or, click here to receive a free social media audit.

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