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Sports Sponsorships – Inside the Lines

Sports Sponsorships – Inside the Lines


With the economic downturn hitting the sports world just as hard as any other business – just ask the hometown Cleveland Indians – teams are looking to squeeze out any extra bit of possible revenue.


Walk into any professional sports stadium today and you’ll immediately be bombarded by advertising in a variety of different formats. In fact, it might seem that you see ads everywhere except for on the field. That is, unless you attend certain NFL training camps this summer.


The NFL now allows teams to sell sponsored space on their practice jerseys and many teams are taking advantage. Could game day jerseys be the next item up for bid?


While the idea of our major professional sports teams wearing sponsored jerseys may seem strange to American sports fans, European sports have been embracing this concept for quite some time and for great financial gain. Last season, jersey sponsorships across Europe’s top six soccer leagues accounted for 393.2 million euros ($561 million).


These types of revenue figures could sound more and more appealing to our major sports leagues in the near future. What are your thoughts on jersey sponsorship? Let us know with a comment below.


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