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Strategic Marketing Gone Wrong: Does Your Company Suffer From RAM Syndrome?

Random Acts of Marketing Syndrome (RAMS) is a disease that strikes thousands of companies every day.  RAMS is not discerning either.  It strikes companies large and small, old and new.  How do you know if your company is suffering from RAMS?  Here are some symptoms to look for:

• There’s an empty file where your marketing plan should be
• Your blog is showcasing your latest post…from July 22, 2010
• You’re putting QR Codes on everything and you don’t have a mobile version of your web site
• You have the unexplainable urge to spam random information about your company to every e-mail address in your database
• You don’t have an e-mail database

RAM Syndrome is not a laughing matter.  Many companies across our region are suffering from it, but there is a cure.  Invest intelligently on behalf of your business and partner, in some form, with a marketing professional.

If it seems counter intuitive to partner with a marketing professional, then I’m afraid the disease has likely progressed to Stage II RAMS.  In Stage II, not only are your marketing efforts delivering little in terms of ROI, but you have spent an unjustifiable amount of your time, money and resources in the process.  And worst of all, you have lost focus on what it is that you do best for your company and its employees.

So if your response to seeking marketing assistance is, “Hey, we can market our company just fine by ourselves,” I implore you, seek counsel.  It’s not too late.  Call us at 440-449-6800.  Or contact Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing today.

Let us help get you and your business on the road to not just recovery, but prosperity.


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