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Strategic Online Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide to Generating Leads From Your Website

Many companies have subscribed to the thought that they should generate leads through their website. Although companies may have implemented pieces and parts of an inbound marketing strategy, many are missing some of the essential steps.

Below are the first six things that you should do to in order to generate leads through your website:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit – Have you ever had someone tell you where you rank for the specific keywords relevant to your products or services? You can take just a few minutes to request an SEO audit, and find out where you rank and how many people are searching for search terms that make sense for your business. From there, you can make decisions about the keywords your website pages, blog content and premium content should feature.
  2. SEO Website Updates – Using the keywords decided upon during the SEO audit, you should update your webpages to include the new keywords in places such as the title tags, H1 and content. Also, if there are specific keywords that you want to rank for that you do not have webpages for, new pages should be added to your site. Click here for another post on SEO optimizing your content.
  3. Blog – Using the keywords decided upon during the SEO audit, create a content calendar that strategically features those keywords in regular blog posts. Creating new and quality content for your website on a regular basis tells Google to keep an eye on your website, and will help you be found for your keywords on an ongoing basis. Click here to learn more about the uses of a corporate blog.
  4. Create gated content – Gated content requires that visitors provide you with contact information before they can download the content. This could be an e-book, whitepaper, industry report, cheat sheet, infographic, or any number of premium content pieces. Make sure what you’re offering is worth the exchange of information. Click here to read more about premium content.
  5. Landing pages – Once you have gated content, create landing pages that quickly explain what the gated content is, and include a form to gather contact information from the interested party. Keep your forms short and sweet. The form should contain at least one qualifying question that will let you know if the lead requires a personal follow-up.
  6. Promote your gated content – Make sure your website visitors know that this premium content is available. Add a call-to-action to your homepage, in the sidebar and copy of your blog or relevant webpages, include it in your e-newsletter, and anywhere/everywhere else it makes sense.

Wanting to get started in your inbound marketing journey? Click here to request a free SEO audit. Or, to learn more about inbound marketing as a whole, download this e-book, Drive More Leads with an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign.

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