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Subscriber Welcome Emails: One Email Your Company Probably Isn’t Sending

When someone subscribes to your e-newsletter list, what is the first thing they see from you? If you’re like most companies, it’s likely a bland, auto-generated email from your email service provider (ESP) saying that this person’s subscription has been confirmed.

This first touch – the subscriber welcome email – is often a missed opportunity to provide a positive brand experience for this contact. Most ESPs provide stock content to use, thus many companies do not give it much thought. Instead of letting the program control this communication by default, we recommend that you take control of this opportunity to introduce your company, its brand, and some key messages to this person. After all, they’ve just requested to stay in touch with your company and thought leadership on a regular basis.

The top 5 things a welcome email should include to send the right message:

  1. A branded welcome message: A quick welcome message that includes how your email communications will deliver on your company’s brand.
  2. How often to expect your communications: If you’ll be emailing this audience weekly, let them know. If it’s monthly, quarterly, or as new content is published, tell them. People will react better to your communication frequency if you’ve let them know what to expect.
  3. One piece of valuable premium content: This person has just told you that they’re interested in receiving your thought leadership on a regular basis. How else can you add value? Provide a piece of quality premium content that they can download, complete with a landing page and form asking them to answer a qualifying question. This will give you a little bit more information on their interests and will help you tailor the content to them even better in the future.
  4. Other communications that they can subscribe to: Do you provide a blog RSS email that they can receive on a more frequent basis? Other niche e-newsletters that make sense for them? Provide a link that allows them to register for other mailings.
  5. Other places they can find you: Provide attractive links to other places on the Internet where they can interact with you and your brand, which can include: your website, social media pages and email.

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