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Successful Personal Finance; Let’s Get INTENTIONAL

As I listened to a recent episode of the syndicated radio program “The Dave Ramsey Show,” I was struck by the fact that a simple concept could be overlooked by so many people. He stated that successful financial planning—“winning with money,” is 80% behavior related and 20% “financial knowledge.” So, the little guy can’t get ahead? Quite the opposite.

He explains: “Why is it that I can talk to a caller whose family income is $150,000, they owe everybody money and have no savings —- then my next caller has a family income of $60,000, has no debt, has some money in the bank, is actively funding retirement, has created education funds for their children— and has basically “won” with money on a fraction of the income of the first family?”

Very simply—one family made a conscious decision to be intentional about their life and pay close attention to their finances while the other likely did not.

What I find most engaging as I listen to his show is his way of driving home common sense financial ideas with a dose passion and creativity. He tears into the microphone like an irritated father…

You decide! Whether to follow a budget and spend less than you earn.”

You decide! Whether to do the extra work that will help you advance your earning capacity.

You decide! To stop the “crazy” of buying things you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t know.

And, I would agree.  

This intentional concept sounds simple enough. Why then have so many people “not decided”? Ramsey thinks, and I concur, that many people get caught up in day-to-day life activities and don’t take time to be intentional about improving their lives. They settle for the notion that someone else will be taking care of them in a time of need. He’s blunt and forthright and famous for asking callers “why are you relying on the government–which is well known for its ability to handle money– to provide for you in retirement?”


By “deciding”—“being intentional,” you can begin on a path for your future success.

Skoda Minotti is ready to help you; whether you are in need of finding your direction to become “intentional” or are already there, we will create a personalized financial plan for your family or business that can provide a successful long-term outcome. Learn more at skodaminotti.com or call 440-449-6800 for a no-obligation consultation.

(Jeff proudly serves as an Endorsed Local Provider “ELP” for Dave Ramsey for most of Summit and parts of Medina County, Ohio. His ELP areas are tax, accounting, and financial and business planning.)

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