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Tablets for Business Use: Top 5 Mistakes That Early Adopters Have Made

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, American Airlines was an early adopter of tablet computers. As a result, it learned a lot about how best to use tablets—and where it could go wrong.

Here is a list of the top five mistakes that companies like American Airlines have learned, as early adopters of tablets:

No. 1: Failing to have a plan before rolling out the devices

No. 2: Not understanding what tablets are—and are not—good for

No. 3: Expecting to easily obtain all the apps you need

No. 4: Thinking tablets are cheaper than laptops

No. 5: Misjudging the ease of support and security

Ultimately, companies need to recognize that tablets are a new breed of devices that require new methods of management. Says Lars Kamp, strategy lead for Accenture Mobility Services, part of consultants Accenture. "Don't think tablets are an extension of existing legacy IT systems. They are not."

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