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4 Tips for Communicating a Lean Continuous Improvement Manufacturing Operation

When an organization decides to make a cultural shift in the way things are being done, that change will likely be met by some resistance. Here are four tips for converting doubters to enthusiastic supporters of lean continuous improvement.

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Skoda Minotti Receives 2017 Smart Culture Award

Skoda Minotti has been selected as a winner of the 2017 Smart Culture Awards, a recognition of Northeast Ohio organizations where culture plays a crucial role in the company’s success. The firm will be recognized at the 2017 Smart Culture Conference on April 6, 2017, hosted by Smart Business.

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Skoda Minotti Internship Eases Path for Full-Time Employee

Unlike the “norm” in the accounting world, I did not intern at Skoda Minotti previous to accepting an offer. From the research I had done on my own, and through the people I interviewed with, I really liked the culture of the firm and the opportunities available to me. After interning this summer, I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made.

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Tips for Creating a New Business Culture

Jonathan Ebenstein provides eight tips for changing your company’s approach to developing new business.

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Creating a Relationship-Based New Business Culture – Adapt or Be Acquired

To build and maintain a client base, most CPA firms rely on just a few partners to make it “rain” and feed their staffs. And while this has been the formula for success for so many firms for decades, it is an outdated, old-school way of operating. It also puts the future of your firm at risk.

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When Should Accounting and Professional Firms Outsource Their Marketing?

Outsourced marketing for accounting and professional firms can offer great advantages. Learn when it makes sense to call in the experts.

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What Does Your Organization’s Culture Say About You?

An organization’s culture, more than any other single factor, is responsible for influencing the behavior of its people. And it’s the behavior of its people on a day-to-day basis that most influences whether or not an organization reaches its goals.

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Build Your Brand as an Employer

What comes to mind when others think about your organization? What are you known for? It’s difficult to recruit and retain top talent without first building a strong and consistent company brand. Employer branding is about conveying an authentic and compelling experience, to candidates and employees alike, and living these values on a consistent basis.

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How Does Your Company Communicate Work-Life Balance?

In the changing corporate culture, job flexibility ranks very high in terms of job satisfaction. As we mentioned in our last blog, Both men and women are gravitating toward those companies that offer greater work-life balance. Yet, to attract top talent, employers will need to do much more than pay lip service.

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5 Acquisition Deal Breakers

After many months of investigation, you’ve narrowed your acquisition targets down to the one company you want to acquire. The company’s product line complements your own and presents tremendous growth opportunity. Everything is running smoothly and you’re building a great relationship. Then everything goes belly up.

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