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Overview of HubSpot’s New Content Strategy Tool

Last year, HubSpot announced the development of a new content strategy tool to make it easier to organize content around robust topics and to improve Google rankings. After completing Beta testing, the HubSpot Content Strategy tool is now available.

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Duplicate Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Diminish SEO Results

Page titles are one of the most important factors in helping search engines understand what your page is all about. So be sure to avoid this common error.

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How Will Google AMP Affect Your Business?

You may have noticed by now that when you search for something through Google on your phone, it pops up with a series of headlines (sometimes boxes) labeled with a lightning bolt icon and the acronym AMP at the bottom. No, this is not an ad for a popular energy drink, though it could help give a boost to your search engine traffic if you try it out.

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Find the Right Keyword Bidding Strategy for Your PPC Campaign

The Google AdWords keyword bidding strategy you choose to implement will depend on what goal you have set for your PPC program. Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of two strategies.

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