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What Every Fiduciary Should Know About the 65-Day Rule

One of the helpful tax planning tools available to fiduciaries of estates and non-grantor trusts is the 663(b) election, also known as the “65-day rule.”

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Winning Sequels—How to Expand the Role of Flowcharts Throughout Your Enterprise

What should you do after you complete your flowcharts? Should you place them on a bookshelf with books you may never read again? Absolutely not. Instead, you should use each flowchart as a tool to strengthen your business.

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Not Using Google Analytics and Console

We often find that business owners are aware that they have Analytics on their site, but admit that they don’t do much with it. To be clear, having them isn’t going to do you much good; it’s what you do with these tools that makes the difference.

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Are You Taking Advantage of Google My Business?

When it comes to SEO performance, one mistake we see most often is the failure to use the Google My Business tool. However, this may be the simplest to resolve.

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Your Sales Process Becomes Smarter, Not Harder, With HubSpot Sales Tools

The longer you are in sales or new business development it seems that time becomes increasingly shorter—that’s why it’s important to find ways to be more efficient.

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Generate Leads With Smart Analytical Tools

We outline a few of our favorite methods for gathering valuable insight from websites, along with examples that further detail how we put these methods to use.

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PPC Ad Budgeting & Targeting

Google offers several options for customizing your budget as well as your target audience through its AdWords interface. Using these tools can help ensure that you are making the best use of the funds you have allocated to your AdWords program.

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