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Infographic: The Facts about Data Breaches

Penetration testing is a critical component to an organization’s IT risk management program; it is used to identify significant issues that could lead to financial losses, disclosure of confidential data and reputational harm. The infographic below details the overwhelming risks and costs that malicious acts caused in 2014 alone.     Skoda Minotti’s Vulnerability Assessment and […]

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Think your IT Environment is Secure? Think again.

IT security teams at organizations of all shapes and sizes are encountering an alarming increase in the number of attacks and threats impacting their security systems on a daily basis. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the sophisticated techniques attackers are developing to breach well-known and trusted software and hardware to ultimately gain access to […]

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing FAQs

The performance of a vulnerability assessment and/or penetration test is a critical component of any company’s IT risk management program. Understanding the importance and benefits of the tests, the testing process and expectations of the process are key in managing organizational risk and internal control. To help explain these factors, we’ve provided answers to the […]

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Global Payment Security Education Week

Skoda Minotti and the Risk Advisory Services team invites you to join in the free PCI (Payment Card Industry) Awareness eLearning,* program. This is a training awareness initiative to drive greater learning and protection of payment data worldwide. The offer for free PCI Awareness online training runs for one week from October 13 – 20, […]

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