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Tales of a Shadowing Experience: Day 3

As part of my senior project at Skoda Minotti, I am writing a daily blog that summarizes my activities each day at the firm and includes my insights and learnings about the field of marketing.

Today, I learned a lot about the concept of team—what it means to a firm like Skoda Minotti, what it means to the firm’s clients, and how teams function well in a business environment.

A team is made up of individuals who work together to reach a common goal. Skoda Minotti is a business; but its people function as a team. There are many departments within the firm, including strategic marketing, accounting, auditing and various business and financial advisory services. Each department has individuals who make up that particular team. The company’s motto, “Delivering on the Promise” can be seen nearly everywhere you look throughout the Skoda Minotti offices. It means that they will achieve the particular results each client is looking for by delivering award-winning service. No one individual makes that level of service possible. Rather, the team is ultimately responsible for “Delivering on the Promise.”

9:00 a.m. – Noon

I started off the day off by attending a firm orientation which went over every aspect of Skoda Minotti. The meeting was organized for new Skoda Minotti employees, as well as students like me who are shadowing throughout the week. During the meeting, I could really tell how in each department, everyone who spoke had a passion for what department they worked in, and for the overall firm. When everyone has that same drive and passion for their work, the individuals involved work well as a team. That is how Skoda Minotti has built itself as an award-winning company with award-winning service.


After the three-hour meeting, I headed out to lunch with the partner in charge of Strategic Marketing, Jonathan Ebenstein. Joining us was one of his clients. During this lunch, I really listened to the conversation between Jonathan and his client and tried to learn more about not only marketing, but how Jonathan works with his clients. This might have not occurred in an office environment, but I learned a lot about how Jonathan does his work, and how detailed he is. His knowledge of marketing is very broad and deep, and his obvious passion for helping this particular client grow their business through various marketing programs showed that he has been dedicated to strategic marketing since day-one, and has had to work extremely hard to get to where he is today.

Today I really got to experience first-hand how every person in every department at Skoda Minotti works collectively as a team to achieve results—or as they say here, Deliver on the Promise.

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