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Tales of a Shadowing Experience: Day 6

As part of my senior project at Skoda Minotti, I am writing a daily blog that summarizes my activities each day at the firm and includes my insights and learnings about the field of marketing.


Since the first day of my senior project at Skoda Minotti, I’ve been given a lot of tips to help me in my studies, and in everyday life. For the most part, the tips have been more focused on how I can better myself in the field of marketing. But today, the tip I received was geared more toward my life outside of marketing. The tip was to always share knowledge. This was important because if I share knowledge with one person, I can receive knowledge back, and this cycle can continue and help me throughout the rest of my life.

10:00 a.m.

I arrived at Skoda Minotti and immediately continued to work on my accounting and financial services research project for Bob Goricki. I’ve expected that this project will take me a week to complete, and it looks like that will turn out to be true. Sharing knowledge is important for me during the project because I’ve had questions along the way, I’m sure I’ll have more questions before it’s done, and the knowledge I gain from asking questions will hopefully help me to complete the project to the best of my ability.


Much to my surprise, my lunch today occurred as part of a full marketing team meeting. Meetings like this one give the entire marketing team a chance to get together and discuss new ways to serve clients and help the firm grow. I listened closely to make sure that I understood what was being said, and I also made sure to pick up some tips to help me in my senior project here at Skoda Minotti. During this meeting, one theme kept coming up again and again: it’s very important to always share your knowledge with others, because some co-workers may not know about that a problem or issue exists, and possibly, they may have an idea that can help to address it. It is always helpful to share your knowledge.

3:00 p.m.

As my day came to a close at Skoda Minotti, I began to realize that sharing knowledge is important not only in the marketing field, but it can also be helpful in your everyday life as well.

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