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The Advantages of Offering Long-Term Care Insurance

Part 4 of Jim Sacher’s 12 Great Ideas for Tax Savings series

According to the recently published 2015 Long-Term Care Insurance Price Index, overall costs for new long-term care insurance coverage increased 8.6 percent compared to one year ago. In the future, long-term care is likely to be even more expensive. If costs rise at just 3% a year, a conservative estimate, in 20 years, a one-year nursing home stay will cost approximately $135,133.

long-term careThe Opportunity

If you’re a business owner with the available cash flow, you might want to consider having the business obtain long-term care insurance for yourself and your spouse. You might also consider providing long-term care coverage to key executives as part of their compensation package. The tax laws include tax incentives for employers who purchase long-term care insurance; premiums paid on tax-qualified long-term care policies are tax deductible.

The Benefits

You may provide long-term care insurance on a pre-tax basis to select employees, including yourself, the business owner. The insurance, which can be offered on a discriminatory basis, is tax-deductible to the business and the benefits are tax-free to the insured. For an employee buying long-term care insurance on their own, the deduction is taken as an itemized deduction subject to a number of limitations. Offering a long-term care insurance plan to select employees on a pre-tax basis saves the business and the individual tax dollars. That’s a real win/win. Here’s why:


  • The plan can include spouse and family members
  • The employer can get discounted pricing
  • The benefit could be included as part of the overall compensation package or could simply be a trade-off for current compensation
  • Stress-free employees are more productive in the workplace
  • The plan can be a powerful recruiting and retention tool
  • The plan can enhance current benefit packages with a voluntary benefit that offers coverage not provided for in medical or disability insurance.


  • The plan is portable
  • Employees can obtain coverage on a group basis that is less costly than a single policy.
  • Insurers require that individuals meet health standards that can make it harder for some to qualify for insurance protection. When offered on a group basis, the insurer simplified medical underwriting can be available for employees and can be extended to spouses
  • Employees can enjoy the peace of mind and independence that comes with the security of having a plan in place.

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12 Great Ideas for Tax Savings

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