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The Basics of Blogging for Nonprofit Organizations

What it is:

Blogging helps connect people to your mission. It's a place to tell your stories and create a voice and personality for your organization.

Blogging helps optimize your site for search, because you’re updating it more regularly and putting information out there for keywords that are relevant to your organization.


How to do it:

However you want! Share photos, videos, statistics, your victories, your struggles (and how people can help), summaries of reports and other articles published about your industry. There’s really no wrong way to do it. Just start sharing stories, you’ll get more comfortable with it, and you’ll find out what works best for you.


Best practices:

  • You should be doing this at least weekly.
  • Create an editorial and responsibility calendar. You should have one champion that holds people accountable, but share responsibility of writing among everyone in your organization. Everyone has a piece of the story to tell.
  • Short and sweet is best (400 words or less).
  • Take advantage of pictures and videos to make your stories more interesting.
  • Include a call to action. What do you want people to do after reading this story? Ask them to do it, and capture their contact information in the process.



You can likely blog through your website. But, if you don’t have that capability, there are free blogging platforms out there that you can use (WordPress).



This sample ( is built completely on a free WordPress template.

Blog topics:

  • Past content – old campaign stories and features stories you’ve written
  • New content – ask for perspectives, stories and testimonials from:
    • Volunteers and staff
    • Those impacted by mission
    • Executive team
    • Donors, board members, fundraisers, event participants
    • Corporate partners and sponsors
    • Advocacy achievements and opportunities
  • Share information on services and products your organization uses or sells


More Information:

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