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The kids of Skoda Minotti

The Kids of Skoda Minotti

Whether they’re theorizing about what a meeting is, playing “seckers” or solving America’s college expenses, the kids of Skoda Minotti are here to help. Check out the videos below for useful insights on teamwork, thought leadership, family, our firm and college.

Kids of Skoda Minotti Discuss: Teamwork

What is teamwork? Our youngest professionals give their thoughts on how good teams should cooperate.


Kids of Skoda Minotti Discuss: Thought Leadership

Innovation is a critical part of today’s business environment. The kids of Skoda Minotti are prepared to be innovative through cool things, robots and stem.


Kids of Skoda Minotti Discuss: Family

Dog kisses, playing trucks and games of Hangman – What do the kids of Skoda Minotti enjoy most about spending time with family?


Kids of Skoda Minotti Discuss: Our Firm

We asked the kids of Skoda Minotti about the firm. [spoiler] One kid is about to get her dad into some trouble!


Kids of Skoda Minotti Discuss: College

The kids of Skoda Minotti talk about planning financially for college. Who knew that college was so inexpensive??


Kids of Skoda Minotti Discuss: Meetings

In our final video with the kids of Skoda Minotti we asked what they think happens at a meeting. We hope you enjoy their responses as much as we did.


Unfortunately college is a little more expensive than our youngest financial professionals predicted. Download our free education planning e-book to make sure you are financially prepared for you child’s college education.

Free Education Planning E-Book

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