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The New Age of Endorsement Marketing

Chances are, your business can’t afford to have a celebrity like LeBron James or Peyton Manning extolling the virtues of your product on national television, but have you considered a celebrity endorsement via the social networking site Twitter? It may be more realistic than you might think.


There are now many companies specializing in “sponsored tweeting.” These companies pair advertisers with relevant Twitterers, for a fee, of course.


Looking to reach an audience interested in home improvement? Bob Vila is available. Are you trying to reach music lovers? The rock band Sister Hazel can tweet your message for a fee. Maybe you’re trying to reach reality-TV junkies. Kim Kardashian may be the answer.


A variety of “Web-Celebs” are also available to help spread your message. This may be very useful if your product or service fits into the niche that helped to make their reputation.


Sponsored tweets are generally available through an auction system similar to online advertising vehicles such as Google Adwords. Similarly, the ads are available on a “pay-per-click” basis. 


Want to learn more about sponsoring tweets? Below are some sites to get you started:



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