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Using the Marketing ‘Force’

Now stay with me here, I’m gonna take the long way to make what I hope will be a clever marketing point.


Got kids? I do. My wife and I have three boys, age: eleven, nine and seven, each one more different than the next. Now as a veteran parent this shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. I, like most people, have known for years that all kids are different, even siblings. However every day without fail, one of my boys will do or say something that makes me wonder how these three could possibly have come from the same gene pool.


Recently I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the 59th time with my oldest son. Afterward, I asked him if he’d be willing to turn to the dark side of the force and rule the galaxy with me as father and son. As a deftly skilled Jedi Master of Marketing, I explained in great detail to him all the feature benefits of being an Evil Dark Lord:

• No bed time
• Endless supply of PlayStation games
• Candy for breakfast, cookies for lunch and cake for dinner
• Free reign of amusement parks the size of entire planets
• And so on and so forth….


But like his hero Luke Skywalker, he declined my offer and remained brand loyal to the Light Side of the Force.


Now,  taking on the role of a Dark Marketing Lord of the Sith, I re-evaluated my target audience and looked for other options.


“If you will not turn to the Dark Side.” I said to him. “Then perhaps your brother will?”


It was a no brainer. My nine year old, after hearing the same sales pitch didn’t hesitate.


“Sure,” he said after I made my offer. “When do we start?”


Before we could start, I explained, we needed to rid ourselves of his older Jedi brother. A pretty fierce and heated lightsaber battle quickly broke out between the three of us. There was hitting, screaming (my wife mostly) and we broke a lamp.


Looking forward, it makes me wonder how my youngest son, who is just now learning the story told in a galaxy far, far away, will answer when offered galactic supremacy. But whatever he decides, I know to expect the unexpected. That the balance of the force will again change within my house and my own personal trilogy will undoubtedly continue to unfold in unusual and unexpected ways.


So what is the “Brady Bunch” moral of the story? Well it’s two fold:


1.      As a parent of two or more kids, you can’t expect what’s good for the Goose to be good for the Gander and with children, there is no Dark or Light side of the force. Kids are all different so using a Cheerio in the toilet to successfully improve the aim of one child may result in your bathroom smelling like a subway station restroom with the next. As parents it is our job to accept, embrace and nurture the differences in our children and above all else to never show a preference for one over the other.


2.      As a marketer, the moral is simple: know your target audience. Understand what drives their decision making process and craft your message to their hot buttons.


We know how to do this – without using Jedi mind tricks. For more information on our strategic marketing services, give us a call at 440-449-6800.

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