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Valuation & Litigation Advisory Insights: May 2013

This month's issue of Valuation & Litigation Advisory Insights includes the following articles:

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Free E-Book: Accounting, Tax & Valuation Considerations When Issuing Stock Options

By: Sean Saari, CPA/ABV, CVA, MBA

After reading this e-book you will know more about:

  • The stock option landscape
  • Accounting & tax ramifications of issuing stock options
  • Practical considerations when issuing stock options
  • The Backsolve Method & Sherlock Holmes

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Being a Valuation Analyst is Like Playing Quarterback

The quarterback of a football team must know the responsibility of every player on the field. Although the quarterback may not have the required skills to block a blitzing linebacker or run a pass route, he needs to have a deep understanding of the roles of each of his teammates to ensure everyone is working together to execute the play effectively. This can be quite a challenge with the increasing complexity of football schemes today. Similarly, a valuation analyst, whose primary role is to apply valuation approaches and methodologies, must also be knowledgeable of accounting, tax and legal issues in order to accurately value a business.

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When a Divorce Enters The Picture – A Qualified Valuation Expert Can Make a Huge Difference

When a married couple parts ways and one or both spouses own an interest in a business, it’s critical that they retain valuation experts — or perhaps a joint expert — to value not only the business interests, but also other marital assets. This article explains why valuations in divorce differ from other types of valuations, along with the difference between an “expert” and a “consultant.” It also examines how appraisers handle goodwill and forensic accounting issues in a divorce valuation.

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