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Website Needs Checklist

The website needs of various companies depend on a specific set of business and marketing objectives, as well as what the budget allows. Not every company needs to have customized tools, but every website should be professional in appearance, responsive to its audience and rank well in Google searches. Here are 10 questions that you should answer when considering your company’s particular set of needs and budget considerations:

  1. What are your most important marketing goals and objectives?
  2. Who are your primary target audience, and what are their hot buttons?
  3. What perception do you want visitors to have when they first visit your site?
  4. What is the key message you wish to convey?
  5. What are your favorite features/elements of other websites, either in your market or in similar fields?
  6. What are your top frustrations with other websites that you have reviewed?
  7. Which do you consider to be the top websites in your industry? Why do you like them?
  8. Considering your top competitors, are there any websites in particular that you aspire to?
  9. What are the three most important design/content elements that you want to feature on your site?
  10. Which special features are important to you:checklist-id-84819
    • Mobile optimization
    • Advanced search by specific criteria (bios, products, etc.)
    • Custom animation
    • Videos
    • Interactive maps
    • Social sharing
    • Password protection
    • Live chat
    • E-commerce

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Whether yours is a service organization or a company selling products, your website can provide a tremendous opportunity to interact with your audience and walk a prospect through the buyer’s journey. Whether you merely want to provide information about your products and services or want to provide rich content that will help convert leads to customers, your website should be a tool to help you reach your business and marketing objectives.

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