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Website Redesign Tips Part 1: Setting Online Marketing Goals and Objectives

Our website redesign blog series is going to focus on what you should consider when undergoing a redesign of your company’s existing website.

Any website redesign process needs to start with the question: “What are our online marketing goals and objectives?” Answering this question will help guide the rest of your redesign process.

To help you along the way, here are some examples of answers to that question and how these answers could affect your website redesign process.

I want to establish a web presence and credibility

For companies without an existing website or an extremely out-of-date site, this is often the initial goal. Even if your company is currently without a website, that doesn’t stop people from Googling your company name. What do they find when they perform that initial search? Establishing a website, even a simple “cyber-brochure”, will let you have some degree of control over what searchers see and will help you start to establish your online credibility.

I want to promote my company’s brand

Since a website is often a person’s first impression of your company, what better place to begin delivering your brand message? This type of website redesign will likely expand beyond a templated website and start to take on a custom look and feel, often including custom photography and animation/video. Investing in a branded website redesign can help spread your brand message quicker and more efficiently than nearly any other type of marketing campaign.

I want to serve as a resource for my customers and prospects

Did you know that 16% of Google searches each day have never been performed before? People are typing very specific questions into Google at an increasing rate. What questions might they be asking about your industry? Choosing to position your website as a resource to answer these questions can require a significant investment of time from the outset. But, over time, this strategy can pay dividends by building the trust of your customers and prospects as they return to your site to answer their most pressing questions.

I want my website to generate new business leads

Having hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site is great, but can you really quantify the impact it has had on your business? By focusing your site on driving new leads, you can really start to measure ROI from your online marketing efforts. Of course, driving leads through your site isn’t something that can happen overnight. You need to develop a piece of content for which visitors are willing to exchange their contact information. Some examples of this can include an “Ask an Expert” feature, a regularly scheduled e-newsletter, a “premium download” like an e-book or presentation or a webinar or live event.   

I want to sell my product online

While this objective may be more of a B2C tactic, B2B companies may want to at least consider how they can implement e-commerce into their sites. Maybe you can’t sell an entire machine online, but could you be selling spare parts? What about online registration and payment for training sessions or other events that you company offers? Could customers use your site to find a nearby distributor? Consider alternatives such as these when working through your website redesign.

In our next website redesign tips post, we’ll be covering how to make your new website search engine friendly.

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