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Website Redesign Tips Part 4: Mapping out a Sitemap and Uncoiling a Wireframe

In case you missed part 1 (Setting online marketing goals and objectives) part 2 (Making a website search engine friendly), or part 3 (Navigation) check out those past articles before you start part 4 below.

A sitemap is essential to any well-organized web design process. A sitemap outlines your site’s main content “buckets” and the pages that will live underneath them. This helps you get a 20,000 foot overview of how your site will be organized and where each piece of content belongs.

You can create a sitemap by using a program like Word or PowerPoint, but if you are feeling more ambitious, here’s a sitemap tool that you can try for free.

Once your sitemap has been outlined, the next step is build a wireframe of your homepage. This is basically a “skeleton” of your homepage. You will adding the “meat” (the actual design) at a later stage, but creating a wireframe will give your designer great blueprint from which to work. Here’s a sample before and after wireframe.



Again, you can create a wireframe by using a program like Word or PowerPoint, but there is software out there that can make the process much easier.

Our next installment will cover making your website multi-language friendly.

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