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Website Redesign Tips Part 5: Multi-Language Support

In case you missed part 1 (Setting online marketing goals and objectives) part 2 (Making a website search engine friendly), part 3 (Navigating website navigation) or part 4 (Mapping out a sitemap and uncoiling a wireframe) check out those past articles before you start part 5 below.

Keeping mind that your new website will reside on the World Wide Web, it may be important for you to consider multi-language support if you expect an international audience.

How do you know if your site is receiving significant traffic from around the globe? Google Analytics has a handy tool that will tell you exactly where your web traffic is originating from. Simply log into your Analytics account and under Standard Reports, choose Demographics. From here you’ll be able to sort your traffic by Language or Location.

You may be surprised to find out just how many visitors from outside of the US your site is currently receiving. And, you’ll also learn how long those visitors tend to stay on your site and how many pages they typically view.

Once you review this data, you’ll need to determine if you site should be translated into another language(s). If you’re receiving any significant traffic from other countries, you should at the very least implement Google Translate – a free tool that will allow visitors to translate your website into 60+ languages.

Buyer beware with this tool as you pay for what you get the (the tool is free). In many cases, the translations may not be spot on, but for a free tool, its certainly a great start.

If you happen to receiving a high concentration from a few countries/languages, it probably makes sense to look into a professional translation service to show your foreign customers that you are really serious about doing business with them. Here are some website translation services that you may want to consider.

Our next installment will cover optimizing your website to drive more leads for your business.

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