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Website Redesign Tips Part 6: Driving Leads with Premium Content

Thus far in our blog series, we’ve covered lots of important considerations when you are looking into a website redesign, from mobile site design to multi-language support. What we haven’t covered yet is one of the most important aspects of a website redesign – driving leads for your business.

Driving hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your site is great, but it doesn’t make a great impact on your bottom line unless those visitors turn into leads (i.e. you have some type of contact information for them). You can gather this contact information in lots of ways from a simple contact form to a more elaborate method like an industry survey.

In this post, we’re going to cover what we like to call premium content. What is premium content exactly? Its content that you feel will be valuable enough to your prospects that they’ll offer their contact details in exchange for the opportunity to download this content.

What types of content qualifies as premium content? Here are some examples from our marketing efforts at Skoda Minotti:

Business Valuation E-book

Fraud Prevention E-book

Branding E-book

Depending on your industry, the possibilities for premium content are wide ranging, such as buyer’s guides, FAQs, white papers, survey results, walkthroughs, etc.

Developing relevant and insightful premium content, and then, making it highly visible on your website and other online marketing efforts via calls to action (the banners you see above) is a great way to increase the number and quality of leads that are generated from your website.

Exactly how many leads and of what quality you will generate from premium content is going to vary based on your industry and your web audience, but by trying out multiple premium content offers, you can start to gauge which offers have the most value to your contacts.  Armed with this data, you can feature these offers more prominently in external marketing activities such as web banner ads or paid search campaigns.

Our final installment in this series will cover using web analytics to track the effectiveness of your redesigned website.

If you are looking for a Cleveland web design company, contact Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing at 440-449-6800.

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