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Website Redesign Tips Part 7: Website Analytics

Welcome to the last entry in our website redesign tips series. In this final installment, we’ll cover the importance of measuring the success of your website redesign efforts. A great place to start is with a free tool from Google – Google Analytics.

Even if you aren’t currently undergoing a website redesign process, if you do not have some form of analytics installed on your site, we’d recommend you do it right away. The reason is simple: without some type of analytics package, you’ll have no idea how many people visited your site, how they found you, where they went once they got there and how long they stayed. Obviously, all of these metrics play a key role in judging the overall effectiveness of your site.

Using Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics is simple process that begins with you signing up for an Analytics account. You can do so here.

Once you’ve signed up for an account and created your site profile, Google Analytics will generate a piece of code that you’ll need to pass along to your web designer to add to every page of your website. Once that code is in place, you’ll be up and running.

So, what type of data can you expect from Google Analytics?

  • Audience: An overview of “who” visited your site. You can learn which city or state most of your visitors come from, which language they speak, which type of browser or mobile device they use or many other metrics that will give you deeper insight into your site’s audience.
  • Traffic Sources: These reports tell you how you audience found your site. Did they search for you in Google? If so, which keyword or phrase did they use? Or, did they originate from another website, and if so, which referring site brought you the highest quality traffic?
  • Content: Here you can learn which of your pages is the most popular in terms visitors as well as average time spent on the page. Also find out which pages had the most visitors enter, as well as exit, your site.
  • Conversions: Here’s the area you should be most interested in – which visitors took an action on your site that you consider a “conversion.” This could include actions such as filling out a form, buying an item or watching an online demo.

These are just a few of the areas that Google Analytics can help you track. It also gives you ability to generate custom reports on a regular basis that you can use to benchmark your performance over time…until your next website redesign.

We hope that you found this blog series helpful. If you are looking for a Cleveland web design company, contact Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing at 440-449-6800.

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