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Leap Year

What Would You Do with an Extra Day?

Back when we were kids, an extra day came in the form of a free day from school, and it could have resulted from any number of causes: teacher meetings, weather days—even teacher strikes. The reason for an extra day didn’t seem to matter; this was found time, and the big question it posed was how we could get the most out of it. Before long, plans – some structured and long in place, others more immediately devised – were likely set in motion, with adrenaline fueling our fun.

Monday, February 29, 2016 is likewise a day of found time for us all, thanks to the extra day we get every four years during leap year. The circumstances may be different from those of our childhoods, but the question remains the same: How can we get the most out of it?

There may be no better time than the present to plan for your extra day and figure out how you, and those around you, can best utilize it.

If you make your plan now, you stand the best chance of getting so much more out of your extra day. You don’t even have to think of it in terms of a traditional 24-hour day; your extra day may fall on February 29. Or, you could plan it for another day. You could even choose to break it up into segments that fall over several days or weeks. However you plan it, try to get that adrenaline rush going again—find the fun stuff, and do it!

Not sure how to move forward? Pick a path—any path! For example, you can make short lists of how your extra time can be applied. Arrange your time by category:

For your clients:

  • One or two ways you can add more value now;

For your co-workers:

  • One or two ways you can add value for them;
  • One or two ways they can add value for you—and communicate it!

For your families:

  • One or two experiences you can create for or with them that will put smiles on their faces.

For your communities:

  • Determine how you can positively impact people and invest time in a cause you believe in.

What you choose to do now will make the rest of your year possible.

Plan now for how you’ll use your extra day, and make the most of it, for it will be four years before you get another one.

Happy Leap Day!

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