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What’s in a Name?

Ever wondered why car manufacturers abandoned the descriptive car names of the good ole’ days such as Rabbit, Monte Carlo or Imperial in favor of the seemingly random assortment of letters and numbers such as the DTS, CLK or the G6-GXP?


According to this article, the trend originally began with luxury car manufacturers in the 1970s that found it easier and less expensive to advertise and build the name of one brand with various model numbers rather than multiple model names.


This naming strategy may be starting to rub consumers the wrong way, however. One example cited in the article is that owners of BMW’s 3-Series feel that they are looked at as a lower class than owners of the 5- or 7-Series.


This is a lesson to keep in mind when you are expanding or adding a new product line. A name says a lot about your product and can influence how consumers view your company and your brand.


The best way to be sure your name will positively enhance your brand is to do your research. Internal and external testing as well as focus groups and surveys can help to ensure that you are on the right track with your name.


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