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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Part 2

Tips 6-10 in our Windows 7 tips series are below. See yesterday’s post for tips 1-5.


Tip 6: Managing Your Windows

Windows 7 simplifies document and program management by allowing you to “dock” a window or manipulate its size with one mouse maneuver or a simple keystroke.

To dock your window on one half of the screen, drag it to the left or right and it will change its size to fit that half of the screen.

– To manipulate the vertical size of a window, drag the window to the top to maximize it, or double-click the window’s top or bottom border to maximize it vertically while keeping the same width.


Tip 7: Help the Help Desk Help You

• Solving problems unique to a machine can be an arduous task for both the end-user and the help desk.

• Windows 7 introduces the Problem Steps Recorder, a screen-capture tool that allows the end-user to record the problems they’re having step-by-step.

• The program is accessible from the Control Panel under “Record steps to reproduce a problem” or run psr.exe from Explorer.

• Hit “record” the add in comments as needed. A HTML-based file is converted to a .ZIP folder, which is easily passed on to the help desk.


Tip 8: Sticky Notes Avoid Sticky Situations

• Instead of using paper, use Windows 7 Sticky Notes. Enjoy the variety of seven fun Sticky Note colors by right-clicking the note.

• Need another sticky note reminder? Click the + sign in the top left corner of the existing note to create a new one. To access Sticky Notes, run StikyNot.exe or click Start All Programs Accessories Sticky Notes.


Tip 9: Keep your Data Secure

• BitLocker protection on removable drives is known as BitLocker To Go. When a BitLocker-protected removable drive is unlocked on a computer running Windows 7, the drive is automatically recognized and the user is either prompted for credentials to unlock the drive or the drive is unlocked automatically if configured to do so.


Tip 10: Shake It Up

• Remember the Etch-a-Sketch where you would shake it to make things disappear?
Windows 7 uses the same shake concept to help you manage your windows.

• Windows 7 Aero®Shake allows you to clear the inactive windows from your desktop by “shaking” over the window you’re working. Hover your mouse over the title bar of your active window, left-click and shake from side to side, and all your inactive windows will disappear.

• To bring them back, repeat the procedure and shake everything back into view.


For more information about how we can help your organization transition to Windows 7 or any other network hardware or business software services, please contact Tim Heikkila of our Technology Partners at 440-449-6800.

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