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With “Pay-Per-Click,” You Only Pay for What You Get

"Pay-Per-Click," or PPC,” is a method of online advertising that's measurable, flexible and very fast. PPC ads are paid listings that appear above and to the right of the free listings on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. To be listed in a search engine’s PPC’s results you pay/bid in an auction like manner. With PPC you only pay for the ads that are clicked on, so in addition to being able to quickly, measure the effectiveness of your ad, you can also track and justify your results and costs.
Pay per click 

For example, in the illustration above, someone in need of financial services, presumably in the Cleveland area, searched on Google for “Cleveland financial planning services”. This screen shot shows the first four choices and links that are available from about 614,000 results. In looking at the PPC results on the right, the folks that own, have the highest PPC position, probably paid the most to be there, and by virtue of top positioning are probably most likely to get clicked by the searcher. If someone does click on the ad, US, will then pay what ever their cost per click bid was. If the searcher elected to click on the second sponsored link, “Cleveland Financial”, Skoda Minotti, (it’s our ad and we are not ashamed to pimp it) would pay.

The important difference to remember when looking at PPC vs. other kinds of paid advertising is that you don't pay until someone clicks. So while in a TV or radio campaign, you pay for all the eyes and ears (i.e., impressions) that could potentially see and/or hear your message. With PPC, you only pay for those that are actually interested in your company. The impressions, while still valuable from an awareness standpoint will cost you nothing.

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