Commercial Disputes

At times, businesses do not agree and litigation is initiated. The dollar amount of the claim may not be initially quantified. In time, however, a dollar amount needs to be established to support the claimed damages.

Skoda Minotti’s Litigation Advisory Services Group is uniquely qualified and experienced in assisting legal counsel with complex litigation involving disputes among partners, shareholders, employees, and vendors. Our financial experts provide an objective analysis to the case facts, draft thorough and logical reports, and provide understandable expert testimony.

Cases in which we have been engaged include: breach of contract; valuation disputes; licensing disputes; employment disputes; professional malpractice; real estate/construction disputes; class-action disputes; misappropriation of intellectual property; unauthorized use of trade secrets; ownership and business failures; executive compensation; and tax fraud.

Commercial disputes can be challenging, complex, voluminous and time-consuming. We can assist during every step of the legal process from case assessment, case strategy, discovery, financial analysis, settlement evaluation and trial.

For more information about commercial dispute services at Skoda Minotti, please complete the form below or call 440-449-6800.

Bob Ranallo HS 2019
Bob Ranallo


Litigation advisory services are highly specialized and require not only detailed and technically sound analysis, but also the capacity to devise practical solutions to difficult challenges and effectively communicate the results of the work performed. Our team does just that.

Sean Saari

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