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2019 Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction Survey

The results of Skoda Minotti’s 12th annual survey of the Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction industries are now available for download.

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2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Survey Report

2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Survey Report

What are the concerns and challenges of manufacturing companies in Northeast Ohio? Find out in the latest survey results.

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Growth Through Acquisition

If a potential acquisition aligns with your business strategy and can help propel it forward, then this e-book is for you.

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Process Improvement

Five Steps Toward Process Improvement in Your Organization

Reviewing and improving your existing business processes should be an integral part of your operating cadence. Learn more in our free e-book.

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Digital Marketing Trends

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

Stay on top of the latest marketing trends such as social advertising, GDPR, Marketing Automation and more.

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Lease Accounting Standards

Lease Accounting Standards Updates – What You Need to Know for 2019

New lease accounting standards will significantly impact many U.S.-based businesses—and soon. Learn what your company needs to do to prepare in our free e-book.

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The 7 Elements That Fuel Fast-Track Expansion and Profitability

Through our experience helping businesses transform operations, plan for growth and pursue it with fidelity, we’ve identified 7 elements that fuel fast-track expansion and profitability.

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Blockchain Primer

Blockchain Primer - Preparing for the Next Phase of Digital Growth

Introductory insight into blockchain - what it is, how it works, and how its used in various industries including accounting - along with an in-depth explanation of security considerations.

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2018 REC

2018 Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction Survey

The results of Skoda Minotti’s 11th annual survey of the Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction industries.

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Business Growth

Fueling Business Growth Through Planning

This e-book is designed to help business owners like you appreciate the value of planning for your business.

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The Benefits of Building a Strong Brand

Your company's brand is one of your most valuable assets, learn how to leverage it effectively.

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FAFSA Checklist

FAFSA Checklist

To assist you with the FAFSA form, Skoda Minotti Financial Services has developed a FAFSA checklist for your convenience.

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Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

In this e-book, we will share our views about staffing challenges and opportunities for businesses and organizations of every size and scope.

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Personal Budgeting

Personal Budgeting Template

Skoda Minotti Financial Services wants to make monthly budgeting easy for you and your family. Download our free guide to monthly budget planning now.

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College Planning: Strategies to Help Plan for Your Child’s Future

This e-book will disclose the 6 best strategies that will help you plan for college in a smart, strategic and knowledgeable way.

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Women and Money: Strategies for Financial Stability

Our financial advisors provide a detailed look at some of the common financial concerns women face today.

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Marketing Plan-1

Five Essential Steps to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

Insights and essential components to help you develop an effective strategic marketing plan.

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2017 Manufacturing and Distribution Survey Report

Download our survey results of the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry.

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Fraud Prevention Measures

This e-book addresses several fraud prevention measures that businesses and organizations can take to minimize the risk of being a fraud victim.

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buy-sell agreements

Drafting Considerations for Attorneys: Buy-Sell Agreements, Accounting, Tax and Valuation Issues

This e-book will help you identify and understand key accounting, tax and valuation considerations when drafting and reviewing agreements.

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The Anatomy of an Acquisition

This e-book will help you lessen your exposure to risk before, during and post-acquisition.

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Lead Generation Tips

The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

We've compiled the 30 greatest lead generation lessons in this brand new guide, so you can start reeling in those leads.

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Winning the Acquisition Game

Sound strategies and practical techniques to help you achieve victory at every stage of your acquisition journey.

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State and Local Tax Issues

State and Local Tax Issues That Affect Your Business

Our SALT e-book addresses the state and local tax issues that affect your business today.

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Essential Guide to Website Costs

Learn what you can expect to pay for the functions you need from your site.

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Divorce Valuation E-book

Valuation and Financial Considerations in Divorce: Common Issues and Concepts

A helpful guide to financial issues often addressed in divorce proceedings.

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Flexible Overhead

Flexible Overhead

A bold concept developed by a longtime industry expert advocates a fundamental shift in how construction firms operate. Is it the way forward, or should firms tread lightly?

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Value Maturity E-book

The 5 Stages of Value Maturity

If your business is poised at the threshold of its next growth chapter, and you’re ready for the next chapter in your life, the time to build value and plan for your ultimate transition may be at hand.

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Valuation Considerations E-book

Valuation Considerations When Buying or Selling a Business

A comprehensive guide to help you understand valuation concepts to consider in merger and acquisition transactions.

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Manufacturing Challenges

Overcoming the Challenges of Today’s Manufacturer

This e-book provides insight and guidance on how best to boost your bottom-line performance.

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Exit Planning E-book

Exit Planning - Key Steps to a Successful and Profitable Exit

Our exit planning e-book introduces exit planning and addresses the most important first steps to a successful and profitable exit.

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Tax Savings

12 Great Ideas for Tax Savings

This e-book, “12 Great Ideas,” is a collection of our 12 tax-savings blogs.

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Valuation Considerations When Buying or Selling a Business: Part 2

In part 2, we delve deeper into some critical deal structure issues that can significantly impact the economics of a deal for all parties involved.

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Employee Bene Audit E-book

What to Expect from your First Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Tips on how to choose an auditor and what to expect before and after the audit.

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Compensation Plan

What to Consider When Designing an Executive Compensation Program

Attract and retain top talent with an effective executive compensation program.

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Company Value E-book

How a Company is Valued: An Overview of Valuation Methods and Their Application

A guide to the methodologies and components of the valuation of privately held companies.

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Tax Fraud E-book

Tax Season: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Income Tax Fraud

Helpful tips to assist you in preventing identity theft during income tax season.

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Stock Considerations E-book

Accounting, Tax & Valuation Considerations When Issuing Stock Options

Get a better understanding of valuation concepts, such as the stock option landscape, accounting & tax ramifications of issuing stock options.

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Financial Reporting E-book

Financial Reporting Valuations

Learn how intangible assets are valued and how to account for them to ensure that the accounting for a new acquisition goes smoothly and will pass your auditor’s review.

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New Hire Orientation Checklist

This 20-point checklist is designed to help HR staffs in planning and executing winning new hire orientation programs. 

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