Emerging Companies

Emerging companies need dedicated, caring partners who can help navigate the challenges and complexities of early stage development and transform big ideas into viable, growing businesses.  

Bringing Big Ideas to Life

Skoda Minotti’s Emerging Companies Group works alongside you at every stage of your journey, leveraging deep experience and applying unique insights that position you for success—all at rates that fit your budget. Our professionals work closely with your business to minimize risk and maximize growth potential.

Pre-Seed Bundle

lightbulb-large-1Business Stage: I have an idea/concept but haven’t yet established a company or secured pre-seed funding.

Bundle Offering: Includes pitch deck consulting and capital raise assistance including initial financial modeling and investor discussions/consulting.


Series A Bundle

rocket-largeBusiness Stage: I’m an established entity with a product/service currently in development using seed round funding.

Bundle Offering: Includes services under our fractional COO, fractional CFO and investor advisory offerings depending on the needs of the founders and the organization. Examples include KPI consulting, operational rolling horizon forecast development and maintenance and accounting software setup and maintenance.


Growth Bundle

chart-largeBusiness Stage: You’ve transcended initial trial customers; you’re continuing to develop your products/services; you understand your market, and you seek to scale your growth.

Bundle Offering: Includes services under our fractional COO, fractional CFO and investor advisory offerings depending on the needs of the founders and the organization. Examples include budget development and maintenance, break-even/profitability analysis, sales commission plan design, tax preparation and credit analysis.

Investor Relationship Services

Investor Due Diligence Consulting

Understanding your business status and needs to assist in the vetting of potential investors to determine the best fit for your company. 

Pitch Deck Assistance

Collaborating with you to enhance your pitch deck that will get you the funding you need. 

Capital Raise Assistance

Reviewing, consulting and advising on your business financials and presentations to ensure your metrics will meet the expectations of financial resources such as national and regional commercial banks, private equity firms or angel investors. 

Financial Modeling

Providing financial modeling that can illustrate your business model story to potential financial resources, assist with making better operational business decisions or demonstrate the business impact of prospective new revenue streams or pivots. 

Board of Directors Governance

Financials and Metric Presentations (Viability Report)

Building investor and board member confidence in your company by providing the relevant sales and financial information they need to understand the mission and vision of your start-up’s market opportunity.

Internal Control Development

Working with emerging companies to establish an internal control system that is critical for the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations. 

Operational Services

Operational Cash-Flow Rolling Forecast

Helping emerging companies manage the strategic use of cash, whether it’s to manage the month-to-month burn-rate in accordance with your investor plan or to bootstrap your start-up by reinvesting in the business growth. We help you to understand cash requirements by predicting where your funds will be at pinpointed times in the future.

Budget to Actual Analysis

Helping you understand the variance between how your company is performing compared with budget forecasts so you can make difficult business decisions easier.

KPI Consulting

Working with you to establish the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to carefully track, measure, analyze and grow your business.

Profitability Analysis

Measuring your company’s overall performance and profitability for internal and external stakeholders.

Commission Plan Design

Developing a fair and competitive wage package while designing incentive programs that can attract top talent and retain key employees.

Accounting and Tax Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Month-end Close
  • Internal Financial Statement Preparation
  • QBO and Chart of Accounts Setup
  • Finance Department Design
  • ASC 606 Service
  • Tax Review and Tax Credit Analysis
  • Tax Return Preparation and Review
  • Regulation Crowdfunding Reviewed Financials
  • Full Compilation
  • Compilation (No disclosure, no cash flow)


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Marilea Campomizzi


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Rich Mazzola


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