Enterprise Transformation

Every organization should work at peak efficiency – and do so at the lowest possible cost. In times of rapid change, organizations tend to shift priorities, processes and technology get out of alignment and costs rise.  We help you drive savings and nurture effective change through innovative and truly sustainable initiatives. From appropriate cost-reduction solutions to re-design and implementation of new organizational models, aligned processes and systems, and streamlined metrics and dashboards, your business will emerge more profitable, efficient and vital.

Enterprise Transformation consulting elements include:

Performance Improvement

Our performance improvement services focus on three forms of performance:

  • Enterprise performance improvement – utilizing an integrated approach to improving the realization of business goals for the entire enterprise
  • Financial performance improvement – contributing to an improved top and/or bottom line for a unit or the organization
  • Workforce performance improvement – seeking to impact the productivity and efficiency of some or all of the organization workforce

We analyze your organizational structure, financial model, workforce, objectives, processes, systems metrics and measures and supporting data to identify opportunities to improve performance in each of these respective areas.

Enterprise Value Realization

Many organizations leak value without realizing it. It is no longer sufficient to maintain the status quo; attend to your best customers; cross-sell products and services; or even tweak pricing. Price pressure (i.e., commoditization), increasing competition, natural client attrition and even inflation can naturally erode revenue and profitability.

Our approach to enterprise value realization seeks to identify those areas in your business where value leakage is greatest, and apply a prioritized approach to stemming that leakage while also driving up value. We can look either enterprise-wide or with targeted guidance from your executive team into key areas of your business where the perception of value leakage is the greatest.

Digital Transformation

Technological change is rocking everything, from additive manufacturing (i.e., 3D printing) to advanced materials, real-time business intelligence and dashboards, robotics and more. The key drivers are:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) – the ability for a computer to simulate human intelligence (through rules, vision perception and speech recognition), such as IBM’s Watson computer
  • Additive manufacturing – the ability to 3D print almost anything and customize for the masses
  • Cloud services – the hosting of software, databases and solutions in a centralized farm of computers, thereby brining deep computing power to almost any organization at much lower cost
  • Data and analytics – the ability to analyze the performance of your business in many or all areas, while providing deeper insight to executives on their computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – the transition into smart devices that have embedded computers or sensors, and the ability to communicate with other devices

While most organizations aren’t ready to jump fully into the world of AI and IoT, you can leverage many opportunities to start getting ready by exploring areas such as additive manufacturing, business intelligence, cloud computing and sustainable manufacturing.

Your business should focus on key priorities and decide where to invest when pursuing digital transformation. These include:

  • Efficiency – where can digital transformation reduce costs directly or negate future costs or capital requirements?
  • Personalization and customization – where can technology deepen the customer experience and tailor a more customer-centric product or service?
  • Integration – where can technology increase integration with customers and suppliers—or where can technology more fully integrate internal operations?
  • Innovation – where can technology create new products/services, or new ways of interacting with a customer, supplier, employee or other group?

Ideally, Digital Transformation seeks to be more revolutionary than evolutionary. However, when jumping on the train in these early stages, there are advantages to walking before you run. Skoda Minotti can bridge the gap regarding technology and help you find your best entry point to digital transformation while identifying areas of real value to the organization.

Project, Program, Change and Communications Management

Projects that fail to come in on time and on budget erode both value and effectiveness. Skoda Minotti’s proven approach to project (i.e., an individual initiative with a defined start, finish and set of objectives) and program management (i.e., a set of integrated projects) steers projects and programs to a successful conclusion.

Our approach provides not just management and oversight to your project, but seeks to inform senior management about upcoming challenges, all the while seeking to avoid them. It provides not only a clear and measurable process, but also insight into the financial impact of the project.

Change Management is critical to the successful completion of any large initiative. In most studies of large change initiatives, the critical issue cited for a failing or failed project is not technological in nature, but rather human. This may include lack of leadership support, lack of staff training, lack of staff buy-in and/or weak communications. These issues are avoidable. With Skoda Minotti’s Change Management approach, we engage your team from staff through executives to realize the greatest value from your change initiative.

Communications Management is a critical component of driving change. To properly engage staff, management, executives, vendors and clients (where appropriate), organizations must clearly convey the purpose of the change, the support of the senior management team, the role played by members of the organization, the activities and status of the initiative. Organizations must also answer the question, what’s in it for me? Organizations can significantly increase their probability of success by adopting a strong communications program which seeks to engage the organization from top to bottom.

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