QuickBooks Training and Cloud Hosting

Our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors and the Outsourced Accounting Solutions Group help businesses more effectively manage and understand their financial data.

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you can’t afford to waste time attempting to learn your accounting software through trial and error. Our professionals can train you and your staff on your accounting software to ensure that you are maximizing your time spent with financial data – both from a time and quality of information perspective.

Our team has expert knowledge in numerous software programs, including QuickBooks, Creative Solutions, Xero and Peachtree, to name a few. We are on top of the ever-changing tools within the programs and will help your company with updates, new releases and the transition of one version to another. Our team provides ongoing support as part of our service, meaning, you don’t have to waste a minute on hold with the software company for solutions to questions and issues.

We can execute the training sessions at your location, our office or virtually (Skype, GoTo, remote log-in) and tailor the sessions to your particular needs.

We can help:

  • Assist in the review and selection of software
  • Select, install and set up your company profile
  • Train and integrate your employees on the system

QuickBooks in the Cloud

Skoda Minotti offers Quickbooks in the cloud for our clients. Now, you can access your Quickbooks data from any computer, at any time.

  • Fast and simple to use from any computer with internet access
  • Data back-up – Both network and server
  • Disaster recovery plan in place
  • Work anytime, anywhere (full desktop QuickBooks version in a multi-user environment)
  • No more creating and sending files back and forth (no more back-ups or accountant’s copies)
  • Central location of documents to share information
  • Accountant has remote access to client's computer at no additional cost
  • Client’s computer does not have to be left on
  • Client can work on file at the same time
  • Affordable

Questions about QuickBooks cloud hosting and QuickBooks training? Contact our QuickBooks consultants at Skoda Minotti. Please complete the form below or call 440-449-6800.

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Dawn Minotas
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