Retirement Program Assistance

For many employers, payroll and related expenses (such as benefit programs) are the largest recurring expense on their income statement. A popular benefit program involves tax-qualified retirement programs. While these programs have been around for more than four decades (ERISA was created in 1974), many employers have issues regarding the design of the programs for the most efficient way to use resources, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) compliance and day-to- day administration of the programs.

What We Do

Our compensation and benefits consulting practice can help employers resolve these complex issues, along with other plan services including audits of plan financial records required by ERISA, correcting administrative errors in the programs which could impact tax qualified status and keeping the plans in compliance with the law.

Plan Design

We assist clients in the design of new programs and redesign of currently existing programs to meet the needs of the client, its workforce and the law. Our services include analyzing the client’s situation and determining the appropriate program to meet their needs, modeling potential costs, preparation of plan documents and communication materials and assistance in the operation of the program.


Our detailed understanding of the procedures and regulations promulgated by the IRS and DOL helps clients navigate through the myriad rules of these agencies. We assist with annual compliance (IRS Form 5500, third-party administration services), IRS rules regarding non-discrimination testing, IRS/DOL correction programs (including EPCRS, DFVCP and VFCP), excise tax analysis and IRS/ DOL examinations of qualified plans.

Merger and Acquisition Assistance

When acquiring an employer, the purchaser needs to understand the terms of the target’s retirement programs and the impact that those programs will have on the acquirer’s employee benefit programs. Our group assists acquiring companies in performing due diligence regarding the target’s tax qualified retirement program, determining the appropriate course of action regarding the continuation of the target’s program after the acquisition is complete and assisting in taking those courses of action.


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Ted Ginsburg


We see too many employers who operate their retirement programs on a “same-as-last-year” basis. A review of plan design and operations can lead to a more efficient use of employer resources and a more satisfied workforce. Our professionals assist clients in understanding the costs and benefits of different plan designs, both from a dollar cost and an administrative cost standpoint.

Ted Ginsburg

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