SOC 3 Report

Increase the confidence of your organization and client with a SOC for cybersecurity report

Service organizations often need a general use report that independently provides assurance related to information systems and e-commerce. That’s where the SOC 3 report comes in: it’s less detailed than the SOC 2 report and it provides compliance, including WebTrust and SysTrust, to establish credibility and build consumer confidence.

Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services can help your organization earn stakeholders’ trust and drive sales with the SOC 3 report. You’ll achieve verification that your systems protect confidentiality and preserve data privacy so that you can assure customers that your systems process transactions accurately.

The SOC 3 Report assures your customers and stakeholders through third-party evaluation of the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy of your IT systems. If you need a more detailed report for restricted use, the SOC 2 report may be more appropriate. 

Earn a 'Trust' Seal

The SOC 3 report provides WebTrust and SysTrust attestation that establishes credibility and builds consumer confidence. Studies show that 91 percent of consumers would buy more goods and services if an e-commerce site’s practices were verified and 58 percent of these consumers are more willing to recommend the site to family and friends when these seals are present.

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Ben Osbrach


The SOC 3 report is less detailed than SOC 2 reporting and establishes credibility to build consumer confidence.

Ben Osbrach

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