Strategic and Business Transition Planning

Are you planning to transition your business to the next generation or a new set of owners, yet not sure of what steps to take? When you envision the future transition of your business, whether to a partner, a child or through a sale, have you given thought to the valuation, tax and strategic planning issues that should be considered?

The professionals of Skoda Minotti’s Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group can guide you through not only the valuation of your business, but also through the myriad of financial and tax issues to consider in strategic and business transition planning. 

Divestitures and Redemptions of Shareholder, Partner and Member Interests

In any sort of ownership transaction involving a privately-held business, the value at which the transaction will take place is often the primary concern of the parties involved. Our experienced and technically detailed valuation experts are able to prepare valuation analyses that can withstand attack from opposing parties—and allow you to feel confident in the determined value.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

An ESOP is a unique tool that offers business owners a way to monetize their ownership interests. Essentially, in an ESOP, a business owner sells his or her ownership interest to the company’s employees—this provides employees with an opportunity to obtain an ownership interest in the company they work for while supplying current owners with a way to harvest a portion of their illiquid investment.

ESOPs draw significant IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) attention and scrutiny, especially in regard to the valuation aspects involved in ESOP administration. Since a valuation is required not only upon the initial setup of an ESOP, but also on an annual basis thereafter, it is imperative that business owners align themselves with reliable valuation experts to perform these analyses.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Making an acquisition is a significant event for any company and overpaying for the target company can cause significant financial issues down the road regardless of how attractive the target looks today. Further, if equity of the acquiring company is being issued to the seller, the value assigned to the acquiring company can be just as important as the value assigned to the target company. Our valuation team can help you navigate the financial complexities of acquisitions and help you understand if you are getting what you are paying for. Our team is also able to assist with other aspects of the due diligence and transaction process. 

Succession Planning

If you’re like most business owners, you are often so busy with day-to-day operations that you may not have given much attention to what will happen to your privately-held business after you are no longer around. In addition to providing valuation services in support of estate and gift tax filings, we often consult with business owners to help them understand the value of their company so that they can begin planning how to transfer their ownership to the next generation in a cost-effective manner—whether through gifting, ESOPs, a sale, or numerous other transfer strategies.

Strategic Planning

Not every valuation is driven by a “need” for compliance (e.g., tax filings, domestic relations matters, financial reporting, etc.). We are able to tailor our services to provide businesses with an indication of their value based on a number of different valuation approaches. You can then use this information for strategic planning purposes to reach your goals.

Sale of a Business 

For business owners, their company is often the product of their life's work. Therefore, when looking to sell a business, it is important to have a solid understanding of the company's value against which any offers for the company may be gauged. Our valuation team can help you to understand the value of your business so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to sell and at what price. Our transaction advisory group can also serve as your investment banker, identifying potential buyers and managing the sale process.

Shareholder, Partner and Member Buy-Sell Agreements

Oftentimes, buy-sell agreements will call for the use of a valuation expert in determining the value of a departing shareholder’s interest in order to facilitate the transaction. We also often consult with business owners and attorneys during the drafting of buy-sell agreements to provide guidance on valuation-related issues, as well as perform related valuation analyses.

Shareholder Disputes

All too often, business partners encounter issues that put them at odds with each other regarding their investment. Our Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group professionals are able to identify the relevant valuation issues involved and prepare timely, credible analyses related to the value of a particular ownership interest.

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Bob Ranallo


The professionals of Skoda Minotti’s Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group can guide you through not only the valuation of your business, but also through the myriad of financial and tax issues to consider in strategic and business transition planning.

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