Valuing a Business

Determining the value of a privately held business is no easy task. There are many factors to consider, and the process grows more complex when two parties have opposing interests and biases. Implications of an improperly prepared valuation can not only make a negative financial impact, but also put you at risk for non-compliance with the IRS and reporting requirements.

Our Transaction Advisory professionals are the trusted sources that business owners around the country count on for unrivaled experience, insights and transactional capabilities.

  • Analyzing and leveraging appropriate standards of value (e.g., strategic value, fair market value)
  • Accounting for normalizing adjustments
  • Uncovering/developing buyer-specific synergies
  • Deal Structuring (e.g., stock vs. asset deal, earnouts)
  • Accounting for all relevant working capital considerations

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Sean Saari HS 2019
Sean Saari


Whatever your transactional goals may be, the road ahead is best traveled alongside an experienced and caring partner. Our practitioners have the experience, insight and vision to plan and execute a successful journey.

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